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Fully Configurable

Every sales manager can use Salezagee to manage a full sales team without a huge experience in sales management IT knowledge.


Rise your Business

It's not only a reporting system, it is a full Sales solution. Sales representatives will love it as it acts as their personal assistant helping to organize, monitor & increase efficiency and sales revenue.


Multi-Lingual Support

It is a simple software that can be used with minimum entries & writing, and offers multi-lingual interface support in both English and Arabic.

Generate your reports

Salezagee generates clear and easy reports, allows to import/export data, carry out analysis, and to perform segmentation of target customers as precisely as needed.

Now you can do more!

Sales Managers will easily manage more leads based on micromanagement techniques, where they can manage pipelines, potential customers, and conversion ratios.

Easy to Use & Customize

With Salezagee you can set team sales targets. This will allow managers to monitor instantly each sales target achievement & taking the correct action to overcome any performance gaps. Managing the leads & pipelines gives each manager as well as the business owner a view ahead on what will happen instead of waiting for results at the end of tunnel. This allows tracking progress in real time reporting.

Why Salezagee

Make Money

Sales & Sales managers will love Salezagee as they don't feel it as a burden, yet they use it as a facilitator to support organizing leads and daily tasks.


Salezagee will remind you with your calls & visits, highlight your target completion, arrange your own customer list with easy access and few clicks.

Track your busniess

Salezagee is the best & simplest Sales reporting cloud software coming with bilingual support in both English & Arabic.

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